Thursday, January 31, 2008

Recipe Tote

Recipe Tote
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Every December, my department (the day job) has a cookie swap. For the past two years, I have collected and printed the recipes on card for everyone. I wanted to find a way to distribute the cards this year that was unique, and Rochelle pointed me in the direction of this great tote!

I made 48 of them, and with the help of my scor-pal and sticky tape it went really quickly! I typed all the recipes in Word, and printed them on postcard stock with snowman theme clipart on each.

Now...I just have to start thinking about next year! If you want any specifics on the tote or instructions, let me know!


Rochelle W said...

They turned out great. WOW 48 of them. Dang that is a lot. Don't you just love your scor-pal? I love mine.

Jules said...

48?? You busy gal! What a neat project. :) Julie

April said...

WOAH that's a lot, you are one ambitious gal! These are awesome!!!

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