Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I made these cute little candy boxes for two of my co-workers. I cased the design from Rebecca and altered the size to use a 12X12 square of double sided scrapbook paper. I also used silver rivets to connect the sides for the ribbon to go through. Very very easy! and very cute!! TFL!!


April said...

Happy Valentines Day! These are super cute!

Heather Grow said...

Cute stuff. I love your blog. I do have a suggestion though, can you change your settings so each page shows more postings? It's one of the settings in Blogger. I have mine set to like 12 or something but you can pick any number you want. It makes things easier on first timers to your blog.

Lauri said...

Absolutely~ Thanks for the sggestion~

Catherine said...

great gifts =)
Happy Valentines Day!

Anonymous said...

super cute!! what great lil gifts

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