Saturday, February 9, 2008

LIttle Things to Be Happy About Today

I was stumbling (literally! check out Stumble) around the internet tonight, and came across a home page posting on Get Crafty . It was all about the Little Things to Be Happy About today. So, since I could probably never ever come up with 100 interesting things about myself, I thought I would try out the Little Things as a daily affirmation.'s Little Thing is my dog, Chansey. I am so happy he is in our lives...he is the greatest dog in the world!!! (or in our house, at least.... : ) )

Here he is in his holiday hat...not too happy, I may say!! What we put this poor puppy through!

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Stampmouse said...

thanks for posting always LOVE hearing from another westie owner. they are the best dogs around and your pup is no exception. sounds like we have alot in common with a senior this year and graduating. my how does time fly.

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