Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Graduation Time

A friend of my daughter is graduating from college this weekend with his BFA. She is going to his graduation, and I am sending along a little gift. I also thought I would make a card for him. How intimidating! He is getting his Bachelors in Fine Arts...and here I am making a card...anyhoo, I only have one little graduation cap stamp. Papercrafts Magazine has some great quotes in their latest issue, so I computer generated one for the outside.

The outside of the card says:

Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world.

The inside of the card says:

Here's to creating the world you dream of.

I think this is a great sentiment for anyone leaving college to enter the world of work.
Also, lest anyone think I actually work at work (hahaha), I doodled the same card! Last week I picked up the book "Doodle Formula" by Adrienne Looman. I love to doodle...I doodle all the time, all over my notes at work, where-ever, whenever. So today, while I was listening into meetings (which I do mostly on the phone), I doodled the sentiment and some graphics. I came home, and made it into a funky card!

I think I am going to redo the hand-lettering, but it was fun to do! I love Andrienne's style. I think I am using this blog to find my personal style, and would love to incorporate doodling into it...somehow.....
Anyhoo....hope you are all having a great day!


April said...

This is super nice Lauri! I think it's so perfect for his graduation, he'll love it!!

patty w said...

Great card and love the sentiment too! I too, doodle all the time but mine doesn't look anything like that !! LOL

Allison said...

Super card...love the sentiment!

Rochelle W said...

Nice simple card. By the way. I LOVE your banner!!!

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