Tuesday, July 1, 2008

April's Ten Things Challenge

April posted this great challenge last week, Ten things you like/love about someone incorporated into a card or scrapbook page. I started doodling this one night while watching television and decided to just go with it. I love the style of a few bloggers out there who doodle, in particular Adrienne Looman and Stephanie. I will never be as good as them, but I love their style!
There is one stamp on this page...the number 10 is from a set of artsy ABCs from Hot Off The Press. Other than that....no stamping! Oh, and I ended up with more then 10. Poor planning on my part! I may end up doing more with this, and if I do, I will post an updated picture.
Thanks for looking and bearing with my mediocre attempt at doodling! Sorry the picture is poor; if you click on it you will be able to see it in much more detail.
My daughter is a cutie though!


April said...

This is awesome Lauri! I love the free-style doodling, it's really fun!

Thanks so much for doing this! I have to do mine still too.

Mary Dawn said...

i love it! i'm very intimidated by scrapbooking, i think it's awesome you can express yourself this way, i'm jealous of YOUR doodling, so there :)

Denise said...

Love it!! That's what doodling is--expressing our own style, and yours ROCKS!!

patty w said...

Lauri... I absolutely love this! My gosh, I would be so thrilled if I were your daughter !

It's truly handmade art. Beautiful and thoughtful!

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