Sunday, July 6, 2008

Demi Design

Rebecca at Hemidemisemiquaver has started a new feature, Demi Designs, where she is offering her custom designed digital paper free for cardmaking! She has five different designs, all named after the Brady Bunch. They are created in a beautiful shade of olive green.

I downloaded the different papers, and printed them on white cardstock in 5X7 format. I am making a gift for someone this week, following Dani's tutorial on the Note Cards . I simplified it a bit, just using the digital designs as focal points. I happened to have some cardstock that perfectly matches the Demi Design digital paper (how lucky am I!)

But I did have to make a trip to Michaels to get some matching ribbon...
The set has four flat note cards and four envelopes. Very quick and very cool! I hope Rebecca does more designs soon!
Thanks for looking!


SmilynStef said...

So very cool ... I love how you featured strips of the paper on your note cards ... fabulous gift set.

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous! It is such a nice project! THanks!

Mary Dawn said...


Charlene Austin (Willow01) said... did an amazing job with these note cards. The paper that Becky made are so perfect!!

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