Monday, September 8, 2008

Jumpstart Your Brain #2: Dreams

Happy Monday everyone! This week's jumpstart your brain came to me during a walk last week. I dream just about every night and usually remember at least a little of that dream. While many of them are just downright strange, I have one recurring dream that is cool....that I can fly. Not Superman flying, more like just floating and soaring. I have no idea what it means (hopefully it is not bad!!)! But I often know in that dream that I am dreaming.

Anyway, I have also started a small 7x7 scrapbook about me, using old pictures, memories and whatever from my life. Please bear with me as I explore some other scrapping techniques, too! This page has a picture of the cutest baby in the world who just happens to be me ! (wonder what happened??)

Do you dream? What about daydreams? Winning the lottery? Having your own craft room? Being married to Brad Pitt?? Being younger or older?? Play along! If you do, let me know and you may just get something in the mail! Thanks for looking!


Lisa said...

Ooo Lauri this is stunning, I love it!!
An acceptance is something we in the uk sometimes send to say you accept someones invitation to a certain event say... a wedding or a christening or special birthday.

Anonymous said...

WOWZER! This is so stunning!! This page is so beautiful!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I've added you as well!! :)

Carolyn Bounds said...

What? A week has gone by already? I am still working on last week's challenge...I hope there isn't a time limit (LOL!).

I love this page!!! I am also lovin' your challenge idea! Hmmm...Brad Pitt...nah...I am more of an Edward Norton kinda gal:o)

jules p said...

Oh I day dream. Not about Brad pitt-yuck! But I day dream about a beautiful scrap/stamp room.
I "draw" picture of what I wish my room looked like and what color the room would be painted, etc.

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