Thursday, October 2, 2008

That dang day job....

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has been a bit busy this week! and it is interfering with my creative time!! Hope to be back to daily posts shortly....I have a couple of projects half done clogging up my desk!! Happy October!


Lisa said...

Hi Lauri,
thanks for taking the time to visit and post over at my blog.

Yes thanks I have thought about Etsy and do sell on Etsy...however I find that Etsy does require that you sell hand made or supplies to make yourself... but even the stamps on Etsy are mainly hand carved or designed yourself and manufactured.

I have not seen anyone selling the products that I do as they are a brand name and manufactured on mass with machinery.

I am going on an art and design course in Jan and will design my own stamps and papers from there.

Thanks for your support, it very much appreciated.



Macpurp said...

dashed work eh!! xx

hugs xx

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