Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Two Different Shoes..and two different awards....

I hope to post a card or project later tonight! But first, a little humor..and some catching up!

I was running late for work today (as usual!) and jumped into two shoes that were by my front door. Around 10:30, after I had been at work for 2 hours, I spilled my water all over the floor. I looked down...and this is what I saw on my feet. By the way, I am NOT a slave to fashion. I wear Dansko shoes, not the pointy kind, as I believe in comfort above all.

So under my black pants I guess it was not too noticeable. But, there is a different in heel height and width. I knew something was weird when I was making the long trek from the parking lot to the office as I felt like I was limping. But you would think I would look down! Nope!! I was mortified. Luckily I had a pair of black sneakers at my desk so I changed into those. Of course I had to tell everyone, too. I have to have a little talk with my fashion coordinator, Chansey. He should not let me leave like that!

Now, two awards! The You Inspire Me award I am late in recognizing (sorry Lisa!) but really appreciate. I love what Lisa does with her Cricut and demo classes! Too bad she is "across the pond"!

and lovely PMS Carol awarded me this Happy Autumn picture! What a nice surprise!!!

I am supposed to tell 7 things about myself, but I think I will continue my contrary ways and instead tell you seven things from my bucket list!

  1. Take a Skip Barber Driving Class at Lime Rock Park
  2. Learn to Rollerblade without falling down
  3. Run a marathon
  4. Learn to swim
  5. Go on a long vacation.
  6. See my daughter happy, secure in her own life and with all her choices
  7. Go on (at least) one date (it has been a long time!)
So rather than tag anyone else, since I could never decide, I am taking a cue from Carol. Leave me a comment and let me know something on YOUR bucket list! I guess my list says a lot about me after all!


Barb said...

Congrats on your awards! As for my bucket list, I would like to take a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi from St. Louis to New Orleans.(I'm kind of a Mark Twain nut)

Carolyn Bounds said...

Lauri, your shoe incident left me in stitches!!! I was laughing so hard my side hurt, and I had tears streaming down my cheeks!!! You are TOO funny:o) I am happy to hear you had some sneakers at the office. You must really work on Chansey.

My bucket list...hmmm...a friend and I are working on our own line of stamps. I hope I do not jinx myself by putting out here, but it is something we are extremely excited about:o)


specialcraftmom4 said...

That is soooo funny about your shoes! I lived with my grandparents and great grandma during college. My great grandma was a big prankster and would put mismatched shoes by the door in an attempt to make me wear two different shoes! She was successful a lot of the time, LOL! She has been gone for several years now and her shoe pranks still make me smile.
Your list was really sweet!

karen said...

your shoe incident has me laughing! Thanks for sharing that with us!

Lisa said...

Aw Lauri this is one of those moments like my dress moment only not quite blushing!!
Pop over to my blog there is a little somethign for you there and apologies for the duplication.

dpkennedy said...

Now, I had a coworker do this too, but at least both shoes were black! You are too funny!!

Jennifer Love said...

OMW! You SLAY me! LOL! I've worn different socks before (one BRIGHT PINK and the other navy...LOL) but never, ever, ever different shoes. *snort*

My bucket list is boring...well maybe to others. I just want to travel a lot and own a lot of designer purses. LOL!

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