Sunday, December 7, 2008

Catch up time!

Well, I had quite a few weeks of busy-ness that I think have come to an end! Now I can concentrate on some projects, making more Christmas cards (including my own) and catching up on all my blogging friends!

First and foremost, I have been tagged and awarded several times the past couple of weeks!

Karen and Sandra both awarded me this Butterfly Award for being a cool blog! Very cool award! I would love to pass it on....but you know, I only comment on cool blogs! So consider yourself tagged if you hear from me on any kind of regular basis!!

Patty, another Peachy Keen stamp lover, tagged me! I think I have come up with another group of weird facts...this time in the area of blogging!
  1. I do not comment on the "famous" stampers blogs. I prefer to support us hobbyists and the smaller stamp company owners with my comments.
  2. I rarely enter blog candy, primarily because I have so much stuff, and I know many people are not as lucky as me!
  3. While I love to follow the trends, I rarely buy the popular stamps and even more rare is a situation where I buy something immediately on release! The only exception I have is the Unity Stamp Set of the Month. I love getting that set every month!
  4. I cannot blog hop. Not that I don't want to...I can't handle it! (haha)
  5. There are a couple of non-crafty blogs that I follow, and find that I have to check them (almost compulsively!)
  6. I just discovered Confessions of a Pioneer Woman (I know, where have I been??)
  7. I wish I had a decent, recent picture of myself to post! Maybe I should make that my goal for January....can I lose 30 pounds and 30 years by then??

and my Christmas gift to all of you are all my wishes for a wonderful new year, and many more tags and awards than you can handle! Hopefully I did not miss anyone who was kind enough to bestow an award on me!


Macpurp said...

i loved the facts you have posted about yourself! but the one about loosing 30 years....celebrate the fact you have loved and lived for this amount of time my dear!

hugs xxx
lots of love
Tina xx

Curt in Carmel said...

I really like what you said! I too kind of shy away from the famous blogs. I feel I get lost in the shuffle and they don't really care about the comments anyway because they never visit you! I'm with ya! Best, Curt

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