Monday, January 26, 2009

Tag I'm It!

Karen at 6 Wacky Women tagged me with something really fun! I had to go to the 6th picture folder on my computer and choose the 6th it and write about it!

This is a picture out of my daughter's Art Portfolio for college. I love her style, her choice of colors, and her mastery of a tough technique! I like to think she gets h er talent from her mother. (haha!) Anyway, I see the pictures she has created and I am so proud of her, not only because of her talent but because of who she is! A beautiful, caring young woman!

So I tag:

Mary Dawn




Have fun, ladies!


kadie said...

That picture is so neat. It reminds me of scenery for a play. She should design sets...OF COURSE her talent comes from her mom! :)

karen said...

Thanks for the game!

Ashley said...

Thanks for tagging me, that was fun!

Patti said...


Come visit...newly loaded cards.

MiamiKel said...

This is beautiful! She is wonderfully talented and as creative as her beautiful mom! TFS!

Lorie said...

Obviously your daughter is amazingly talented, and we certainly all know where she gets all that talent!

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