Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lauri Needs....

I saw this early this morning on Danielle's blog and thought it would be fun to try!!

Here is what you do!

Google your name and the word needs in quotes like this "Lauri Needs" and view your results. I only picked the funniest...but I definitely see a theme...I think there must be someone who spells their name the same way as me on Real Housewives of Orange County. Either that or I am really missing out on life!

Lauri needs to stop trying to be 19.

Lauri needs to quit acting like an escort/ hooker and be a mother.

Lauri needs to cut back or else she’ll soon start looking like Ivana Trump or Joan Rivers.

Lauri needs to pur the botox down, and her daughter needs to get out of the tanning bed.

Lauri needs to be loved for herself and herself can't hold a job of more than a few hours.

Lauri Needs Phone Numbers!!!!

Lauri has asked Fabio to study more samples from that time.

So if you see Fabio, tell him to give me a call!!


Macpurp said...

one minuet you are embracing your grey hair and wearing new glasses....the next you are botoxing and behaving like a hooker.....what did I miss?

love teen xx

dpkennedy said...

Too funny!

MiamiKel said...

ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (previous comment, LOLOLOL!!!!!!) I'm seriously ON THE FLOOR PIMP! Thanks for the comic relief, intended or not, lol

karen said...

HAHA.. okay, so I googled it.. and the first thread actually is a post of how to play this exact game, so I'll tell you number 2 which says "Karen needs A Labotomy Fund" LOL!!!!!!!

Patti said...

Funny stuff...

Come visit to see new cards posted. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

what a scream Lauri, this is way tooo funny

specialcraftmom4 said...

How funny!!! I am going to try this (:

Lauri said...

I was googling 'Lauri needs' for myself and found this! Love to see someone else who spells it the right way. ;) Now if they would just make commercial products with our name on it I would not be so scarred.

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