Sunday, February 22, 2009

You can roll too!

Here is a play by play of the background I made in the post below! You will need....

  • glossy cardstock; in this case I started the same size as my card knowing I would trim it down. SU! sells glossy cardstock; Ranger does as well.

  • a brayer; don't be concerned by the staining on my brayer! I also made a purple card...see that tutorial later this week....the staining does not come off at all!

  • Something to cover your workspace as you will roll off the cardstock
  • Colors! I suggest you always start with your lightest color. In this card, I start with bashful blue, then add baja breeze and end with going gray
  • For snow, you will need to cover the bottom of your cardstock so you keep it white. You can use post it notes, or a piece of paper. I used a long piece of scrap white paper, and using Mono Glue made my own temporary post it note. I tore the edge to give an irregular edge to the snow.

Choose your lightest color, and apply ink to the brayer. A little tough to show in a still photo, but you just roll the brayer over the ink pad. If you look, you can see the blue ink on this photo.

I mentioned it helps to take the hard edge of ink off your brayer before you roll it. Here is how I do it; just hold your brayer at an angle to your workpaper and roll off the excess ink. This should help you avoid a line between colors.

Then, just roll your brayer across your paper! Roll it many times back and forth and you will see the color get more even the more you roll. This is where the glossy cardstock makes a huge difference. The ink does not sink into the paper so you can work with it.
Before you do the next color, just roll your brayer on your work paper to be sure all the ink if off. Next color!

I repeated the last step with the Baja Breeze. I rolled the brayer on the inkpad, took off the hard edge of color then rolled. This time, however, I did not roll all the way down to the paper, but about half way down the card. This allows the Bashful Blue to still show through just above the horizon of snow. Also, when you are rolling, feel feel to twist and move the roller around. This helps the blending.

Just remember to be sure your brayer is clean before you add the last color.

Lastly, I rolled the brayer in Going Gray, took off the hard edge of ink and rolled at the very top of the cardstock. Again, this is all about the look you are trying to achieve; I only rolled the gray on the top third or so, twisting it as I rolled. Keep rolling!!! The more you roll, the more it blends!!!

Remove the white post it paper, and heat set it...that will help avoid fingerprints and stuff while it drys.

Now you are ready to trim and use as background paper! See my card in the post below!! I hope this helped a little; I have three other cards we made the other night, so I will post tutorials on those as well when I get them done!

ETA: February 26: I reloaded the pictures...not sure if they were showing up for you !


Anonymous said...

Fabulous! Thanks so much for the tutorial.


Diane said...

I'm going to have to try that one day,I bought a brayer and haven't used it yet. TFS your tutorial!

Mary said...

This is very pretty and I will be giving it a try soon.

Jean Marie said...

Great job with the tutorial! very easy to read and to give it a try :)

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