Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tagged!!! an award.... and a blogger error note..

So Friday night and Saturday I am stamping away at Stamping Connecticut!! I thought I would schedule this fun post during my mini-vacay....

Mary tagged me the other day!

4 things I look forward to....

  1. Going home from work
  2. Stamping and related paper craftyness
  3. Shopping for new paper crafty supplies...yay for the UPS man!
  4. baking anything chocolate
4 things I did yesterday (friday)
  1. work
  2. made a card or two
  3. surfed a lot of blogs
  4. paid bills
4 things I wish I could do
  1. Win the lottery
  2. Fly like superman
  3. Color like all you guys do with copics
  4. Spend all my time doing crafty stuff
4 shows I have watched
  1. NCIS
  2. Burn Notice
  3. Paula's (Deen) Party, y'all
  4. Anything with Anthony Lapaglia
and I tag.....


Have fun!

and a wonderful award from Julie! She is my most favorite blogland friend! She was recently featured on a St Louis TV showing making a wonderful Father's Day card!!

  1. By accepting this award you recognize that the giver ‘LIKES YOUR STYLE’.
  2. You agree to display this award proudly on your site, and include a post linking back to the giver.
  3. And because there are so many blogs out there which you like their style, you will share this award with them… however many that may be.
So if you have a blog that I follow....or have on my blog list...or I stop by at any point in my deserve this award!

and a note on blogger problems....I have received notes that people are not able to load my blog in IE, so I removed the followers widget...again...hopefully that has fixed the problem, but I would be curious to hear if others are having issues as well! I changed over to Firefox several months ago and LOVE IT!!! No more IE for me!!! Anyway, if you are aware of any problems, let me know! I would like to put the followers widget on again but do not want to cause blogland to explode. If you want to follow, you can...just look up at the top of your screen and you will see "follow blog" right up at the top!

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Julia Aston said...

Hey Lauri! fun things to know about you - and it was great actually MEETING you over the weekend - didn't we make some wonderful projects!

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