Sunday, February 24, 2008

Handwritten Hello Friends

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I am a little behind this week in completing the varius challenges! This is the Limited Supplies Challenge on SCS, LSC156. The challenge is to incorporate handwriting somewhere on your card! I decided to handwrite "friend" directly on the cardstock, then freehand cut out the letter h,e and two l's adding a Lizie Anne stamped flower for the 'o' in hello!

Seemed a little too plain, so I added some ribbon and yard fiber at the bottom.

If you look very very carefully, you will see I messed up somewhere! If anyone finds a note below! You may just get a surprise in the mail as a result!!!

I think this is a great technique, and everyone should try it! Your handwriting is as unique as the card you create!

Stamps: Lizzie Anne, Paper DCWV

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April said...

This is really awesome! I love your handrwriting, that's a great technique to do on a card. I had to look for a while before finding your mistake. Is that you spelled "friend" incorrectly by putting the "E" before the "I" on one of them? The one to the bottom left? I can't see it clearly but I think that's it.

In any case this is a really awesome card!

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