Monday, March 3, 2008

I've Been Tagged!!!

April tagged me! This is the first time I have ever had to do this goes.....

  • 4 jobs I have had: Programmer, Project Manager, Vice President, Director (how boring is that!! Nothing fun!!)
  • 4 movies I have seen: Airplane (and don't call me shirley!!), Office Space, Matrix (all three) and Art School Confidential (a must see!)
  • 4 places I have been: London, Paris, Cozumel, Toronto
  • 4 places I have lived: Connecticut, Connecticut, Connecticut and Connecticut (although 6 different towns in CT)
  • 4 programs I watch: Without a Trace, Dexter, Cash Cab, Dirty Jobs
  • 4 Radio Shows: Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Chaz and AJ in the morning (WPLR)...that's about it!
  • 4 favorite foods: chocolate, pizza, steak and chocolate (oh yes, and chocolate)
  • 4 places I would rather be: my craft spot, any spa, my LSS Momento Arts, taking a walk with my dog

and I tag......Rochelle, Joanna and Jules!

1 comment:

Wombat said...

"Surely" you know I love Dirty Jobs, too! And I have tagged you with some different questions found on my blog. :)

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