Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ribbon Storage

Like many of you, I am challenged by a lack of room to work....and a lack of storage! Ribbon has been the most challenging for me.

  1. I tried stacking up my spools on my shelves. The towers of ribbon would fall (often on my head)...that was not a good solution.

  2. I tried some ribbon boxes I purchased but found that many of my spools were too large in diameter to fit, and that I had so much trouble getting the ribbons in the boxes I would just revert to towers of ribbon (see number 1).

  3. I tried a big basket of ribbon. It quickly became too difficult to find what I had to so my most frequently used ribbons became a tower of ribbon on my shelf (see number 1).

Then I discovered the Ribbon Ring on Kelly's blog. I purchased the basic kit (it showed up in two days!) and I was hooked! Here is a picture of what my ring looks like....I have it hanging on a hook on my wall. I just ordered more tags! I ended up using a large ring that came with some other ribbon I had purchased. I am sure I can fit all of my ribbon on this! well....maybe....

At some point, I will purchase a separate ring for holiday themed ribbon. In the meantime, this has been a tremendous help for me! Now I can actually see all my ribbon at once.

If you are challenged like I was, check out her site!

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April said...

I've seen those and they do look really neat! I have all my ribbons in a photo box and cut out holes for each ribbon, can't remember if I ever posted it on my blog.

I do like this storage system!

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