Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Giveaway!!!!

So....I have paper, ribbon, stamps, doo hickeys, ribbon storage from cropper hopper, alterable purse box, and a cuttlebug embossing folder! All for a lucky person!!!

Sorry the picture is not the best, but if you click on it you can view it close up.

All you need to do, is leave a comment at the end of this post, and...here is the catch....let me know how you would use these in either a card, a scrapbook layout or other artsy-crafty endeavor....

Yes, you are correct. They are more of those electronic resistors!! The brown tape is just holding them together. These are much smaller than the ones I used in my card below. So let me know what YOU would do with them!

I will select the winner by random number generator (unless there are only a handful, in which case I will have my daughter draw a name) on Saturday morning at the crack of dawn! So get your comments in by Friday at midnight!!


April said...

Goodness Ms. Lauri - that is quite the giveaway! WOW!

Just brainstorming but was thinking that if the resistors are easy to bend (I have no clue) then you could combine a few together and make flourishes with them. Also you could add a few beads to them and place them on cards like you would with hat pins. Or again if they bend you could make letters with them and spell out something or even make a number with it for a birthday card or such. Again hoping they bend, you could make a circle with one of them and then use some others as the rays of a sun. Still thinking . . . :)

Patty said...

Nice looking goodies Lauri...I see some "boy" stamps !!

When I look at the resistors, I'm thinking a window or gate. I love wrought iron and I think that's how I would use them . Either as a window on a card front or even a LO...or as the gate on a fence..or even just an arbor! or totally bend them in half and you have a great little scalloped fence border for a walkway.

Or ...the could be some really pretty jail cell bars! (oh the places my mind goes!)

Happy "APRIL" Fools day!

AmandaHall said...

How great it would be to win this fabulous set!!!
I love to create cards for my loved ones, so the ribbon would definetly come in handy, esp. as bright spring/summer colors. I really need a way of organizing the ribbon that I have, since it is all still on the spools and poked in a small box, so the riboon organizers would really come in handy!

Anonymous said...

That's an awesome giveaway!!! Just found your blog...love your work!! Thanks for the chance!

Cindy C.

Diane S said...

Maybe thread ribbon through them. Its hard to think of something without having them right in front of me.

Diane S

Anonymous said...

I would use them like a stickpin and put beads on them for embellishing.


Sally said...

Well, I'm not sure what they are made of, but can you ink them with stazon on and make them into stems for flowers? Lollipop sticks? Goal posts for a football card or layout? Place them on the card to make a frame for an element. Just some thoughts.. Thanks for the chance to win.

Linda SS said...

Thanks so much for a chance to win such a fabulous pile of loot! I think it's fun to come up with creative ideas to use items like the resistors in our craft projects. They would make cute embellishments. You could string beads or primas with them in card or scrapbook projects, or stick them in wax candles to make metal like accents to dress up a candle arrangement. I like how you used them as stems in your flower card!

Anonymous said...

You could use them as stems on flowers. Or arrange them in a circle like a starburst. Or cut them in different lengths and paint them bright colors to look like fireworks bursting in the sky.


CAKVD said...

WOW! Before becoming a SAHM, I was an electronics engineer. I used resistors like this all the time in the computers I made. I never ever thought of using them in crafting! VEry ingenious!! I would twist the ends and then put them end to end to create a cute border in my layout.

sandyh50 said...

I was thinking of using them for flower stems or weaving ribbon through them, maybe a fence.

Thanks for the chance to win some great blog candy.


stampinc said...

I'll play for this sweet candy. I would be lost for days playing with all this. I would use them like ribbon on a card. Hang tags on them. Use them on mini books for ties. Can't wait to see what you do with them. Thanks for a chance.

mikesgal said...

I think these would be cute to put on kids birthday cards. You could use 4 to make a tic tac toe board on the card then add buttons or some other bling for the markers.

Jules said...

Hey there! I would cut it in the middle and make bend them diffent ways (maybe tack them down) and turn them into stems for flowers. Have a good night! :) Julie

Stampmouse said...

oh those would make great embelishments similar to beads and with the wires you can bend them around to fit all over or even tuck the wires underneath and just leave the resister on top.

at first when I saw the picture the first thing that came to mind because they were all together was a corset. lol

maybe for hat pins. a card made to look like a hat with these as pins in it cutting off one end.

Brenda said...

Wow, what an awesome giveaway..I'd love to give all that sweet candy a loving home!
I've never even heard of these electronic resistors! But, since you said they're very thin and flexible, I'd probably thread tiny beads on them, and bend them into cool shapes (think "Doodle This")...and use them on Birthday cards for my teenage nieces. Thanks for this chance to win!
~Brenda H.

Just Jo, Joe with no e said...

I think I would add some beads on each side of the resister and use them on cards.

scfranson said...

I'd use them as faux pins, put some ribbon in the middle in a bow and add a pearl or something for the top of the pin and put it on a card.

Deb Neerman said...

Hi Lauri:

I use these babies all the time! Sometimes for little fences, sometimes as stickpins, or sometimes I curl 'em up with a wire curling tool.

I used to live in Milford and worked for-evuh in New Haven. I don't miss the winters but I loved Na-Haven!



Julie A. said...

Wow- what generous and fabulous blog candy! I got a kick out of your challenge, as my husband is an electrical engineer and would be surprised and impressed if I were to ever use any electrical components on my cards or scrapbook pages! :) Since the wire is very flexible, I would bend the wire on each end of the resistor into a spiral and use them to border a phrase (on a card) or a photo (on a scrapbook page).

Primitive Seasons said...

I'd use this great package of blog candy to make greeting cards using the stamps and ribbons and probably some tags and the purse....well it would be hard to choose one idea for such a great alterable item!

Mary P.


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