Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Great ideas!!!!!

Boy, there are some great ideas for using these electronic resistor thingys!!!! A couple of answers to questions...

  1. The wire is very very flexible
  2. The ones I have in the picture are about 2" long
  3. The wire is thin, so I suppose you could cut it
  4. The little resistor thingy itself is about 1/4" long

I will try and take a picture tonight with something next to it for reference. Anyway, the winner will be a randomly selected person anyway!! I just love reading the ideas!!!

Just leave your ideas on the Giveaway post by Friday at midnight!


Anonymous said...

You could use them as stems on flowers. Or arrange them in a circle like a starburst. Or cut them in different lengths and paint them bright colors to look like fireworks bursting in the sky.


Patty said...

Ok..checking up on you now Laurie :)

It's only Wednesday and it feels like a very long week!

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