Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Friday Everybody!!!

Is everyone as happy for it to be Friday as I am?? It has been a busy week here! The other night, I went to a Stamp Technique Class at my local SU demo's house, Wendy. She has a technique class every month. What a great time I had! We did two cards with the Bargello technique. I cannot take credit for the design, but they are gorgeous! I will try one of my own this weekend and upload all of them for you to see.

My daughter Vicky and I are going to Savannah for a few days (Sunday through Wednesday) to look at the town, and get a tour of the Savannah College of Art and Design. Vicky has been accepted to attend college there, and is deciding whether she wants to go this September or stay in Connecticut next year at a local art college and transfer to SCAD. The town looks so so nice! I think she is going to love it, and I am looking forward to warmer weather and a change of scenery for a few days!!

I hope to have at least one post before I go away, but I feel like I have to clean my house and get all caught up with laundry and stuff before we go. Plus, we have the dog sitter stopping by three times a day so I have to have a spotless house! No to mention I have a lot of work stuff to be sure I finish up....

Boy, I am only going away for four days but you think it was two weeks!!!
Have a great Friday, everyone!



April said...

How fun!!! I actually heard of that school and it's a great one! Congrats to your daughter!

Have a wonderful time, and don't worry about leaving a mess behind, if the dog sitter is going to care then she's there for the wrong reason!! :)

Happy weekend!

Patty said...

I agree with April ! Go have FUN, FUN, FUN !

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