Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mid Week Jessica Sprague Assignment

Up and Running with Photoshop Elements is the class I am taking (along with others, like April) at Jessica Sprague's site. Surprise today, in our daily email was a free layout and a mini-assignment! I am going to use a more recent picture of my daughter.
But....I am having problems with photoshop elements and am on my third uninstall/install process...ugh!!!!

Other than that, I am having way too much fun! I just have to get brave enough to try a layout on my own!
Check back in a little while and hopefully I will have the new page!

Do something creative every day!


April said...

Lauri - boy that stinks you are having issues with your program, not good timing for that to happen to you. I hope you are able to get it fixed, shoot me an email if you think I may be able to help you out.

Patty said...

Isn't technology fun!

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