Thursday, May 8, 2008

Why I Prefer Paper

Because I do not have the patience to deal with computers!!!!!! Anyway....after many many hours, I kind-of sort-of have Photoshop Elements working again. Sort of.....

So here is the mid-week assignment! Using a photograph of my daughter Vicky that I converted into black and white.

I compare this picture of her, to the pictures below of when she was a baby and in some ways she looks so different..but in other ways I still see the same little girl. Boy, do I feel old!

To make myself feel better, and to pass the time while I restarted my laptop a kazillion times, I am playing around with the Tole technique. Scissors and paper I can handle!!!! and I don't get those doo-hickey errors that I do not understand!!!!

So, a card is coming!!

Do something creative every day!


April said...

I'm so sorry you are having problems with PSE, it really should not be giving you those problems. I hope it calms down for you and you can start enjoying the program.

I love that picture of your daughter, she's such a pretty young lady!

Patty W said...

Lovely photo!

Hope you get PSE straightened out! I know irritating and frustrating that can be!

JoAnna Goodman said...

I love this page! Your daughter is beautiful, so the title is very fitting!!

Belas Creating Place said...

Lovely layout..the design and colours are wonderful.

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