Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Heart Strings Across the World

I have found many blogs over the past year that I read daily. But there is one that always seems to have something very unique and special to it. I love Stephanie's art, but she also has keen insight and depth in her posts. If you have a minute, please stop by and read this post....It is necessary....
You will probably be as touched as I was, and be prompted to participate in Stephanies Heart Strings Across the World.
Artwork above is copyright of Stephanie, Homegrown Hospitality.


Lisa said...

Lauri, ehat a lovely tribute. I have been over to Stephanies blog and was as impressed as you said we would be!!

I have added her to my blog list and will be posting a tribute to her later today.

Thanks for sharing this with us.



Julia Aston said...

Oh my gosh,,,,,, thanks for sharing this...

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