Thursday, June 26, 2008

Post it Note Holder

One last party favor! Well, sort of...I will have another one or two to show before Sunday! For this post-it note holder, I bought acrylic bent photo frames and put black cardstock in it. On the cardstock, I posted a picture of Vicky from her senior portrait session. The post it notes are from Stamp on this.

White post its are tough to find! But Stamp on this has them! The post it note is 3x3 square. I thought the photo frame was 4x6, but when I went to make this the other day discovered they are a bit smaller than than (5x3.5). Not sure what I was thinking when I ordered them! A bigger one would be better...

Anyway, these are going in the favor bags with the pens for the adults! Thanks for checking in!


Jennifer Love said...


April said...

You are so amazingly creative! Love this!!

Have a great weekend!

JoAnna Goodman said...

Girl, you are rockin' with the favors!! Great job!!

patty w said...

Wow Lauri, you have been one busy gal!

Everything looks great ! Vicky is very lucky to have such a great Mom!

Congrats to her again and wish you a wonderful, easy going weekend!

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