Monday, September 14, 2009

Recipe Challenge Monday! Bento Boxes!

What a fun topic! When I saw that Julie challenged us to brown bag lunch recipes, I immediately knew I wanted to do something with Bento Boxes. This just goes to show I spend WAY too much time surfing the internet! I had learned about these boxes a few months ago, and then just last week Emily Giovanni had a post about them and I was like yay! It's a sign! ETA: Ha! Emily has another post today!!

In case you do not know, Bento Boxes are a growing trend in a few ways. Basically, they are a great way to pack your lunch! Originating in japan in those cute little containers, they have become an art form for many. At the end of this post, I will give you some links you can go to if you want to learn more.

I decided to do my 6x6 card on the basics of packing a bento box. So maybe not really recipes as much as instructions...okay, I stretched this one a bit. In keeping the oriental theme, I decided to created an origami frame that I first saw as a binder on the bind it all site, instructions on Lea Sanders blog. Taking a 12x12 paper, it folds down exactly to a 6x6 page. I used images from Two Scoops Rice Designs to decorate the page.

Inside the frame, I created a little book of instructions that folds out. Each page in the book has a little fact about bento boxes, including a list of websites and a page on safety (i.e., how to make sure you are keeping the food safe and chilled).

So what do you use as a box? You can buy bento boxes (links below), or if you are like me, and cannot find any locally you make your own! Here is one idea.... I just used a stack of Gerber covered baby bowls. You could really use any good storage container, and even decorate it with stickers and such. The silicone cupcake bakers are a great way to keep food items separate in the box. Here are two of the Gerber bowls, on a piece of fabric. I can imagine bringing one of them with a salad and the other with fruit.

Well, now that you have this box, or stack of boxes, what do you do? I found this cool website that shows you how to use pieces of materials to fold your own bags and such. So I took a piece of fabric and folded this little bag! Let me tell you...I was very proud of myself!

I have to apologize for my pictures. I am in little photo cube broke so I am trying some solutions on my own...not working too well so I am taking pictures outside.

Anyway, have fun with lunch! Here are some links to places you may want to go to and learn more!

Stop by the other design team members too! I know I am excited to see what they come up with! I am always looking for ideas for lunch! It is often the highlight of my work day....
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stamps: Two Scoops Rice Designs
digital images: Angels Landing
paper: SU!


arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Totally adorable project!!!! I think I may need to do something like this for my girls!

MiamiKel said...

What an awesome tutorial, Lauri - these are the cutest! (and your piece of material is sooooo much like your blog w/ the colorful little dots - the cutest!) I really love the images - they are so fun and whimsical and playful :)

Anonymous said...

Great project! Thanks for linking to the instructions on my blog. =)

Stephanie said...

what a great project and that's for all the instructions and links!! I loved the photo of the cucumbers on the Bento site - definitely learned about something new :)

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